Hello and Happy New Year! It feels like it has been way too long since I have written anything, but the time off has been good for me. It’s given the ability to process and plan what 2019 holds for me and my creativity. This specific post was originally going to be some inspiration for the SewMyStyle challenge, however, I’ve been dreaming up a new idea that I am so excited to share with all of you.


The Make Nine challenge is something that a very large amount of sewers participate in or at least have some knowledge of. I was thinking through what I was planning for my Make Nine, and realized that I don’t really need anything. In reality, I’ve been trying to minimize my wardrobe and get rid of items in my closet. My goal has been to declutter and simplify my needs. How does this work when my biggest creative outlet is creating more items in my wardrobe? *insert panicked laughter here*

I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast with their special guest Elise Cripe and was left feeling extremely inspired. Elise was talking about how when creating her Make Nine list she realized she wanted to make more because it was so fun. And she ended up making so much more! My thought was that I was in the same situation- except I didn’t want more. Which led me to my latest goal that I want to challenge and encourage others to participate in with me!

I picked a word for myself this year to really focus on and that is kindness. I want this kindness to even be displayed in my sewing and creativity. My heart’s desire for 2019 is to encourage people and show them the love of Jesus through my sewing! But how exactly?

This is how all of my thoughts have been put together to create the challenge #SewSpecial. In the year of 2019, I will be making one garment a month to give away to someone else. I will be sewing them something very special because they are very special to me. Eight people have already been selected to receive a gift (they don’t know who they are! 😉 ) that has been handmade by me. I have a giveaway on my IG for the last four spots (closes 1/14)! If you would like to enter, just look for my giveaway post on my Instagram.

You can join along with me in this challenge by using the hashtag #SewSpecial and adjusting the amount of makes to your lifestyle! Don’t feel like you have to make twelve items or one a month. If you only make three items or even just one over the whole year, that can be part of the challenge! I just want people to be inspired to make for others. It could be your mom, brother, friend, significant other – the possibilities are endless! And it doesn’t even have to be a garment! You could knit, embroider, bake – as long as it’s a gift to give away. I know how intimidating it can be to make something for someone else. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and energy into it and what if they don’t even like it?!? But trust me, if they love you, they will love what you have made. Making the first piece is always the hardest, but it does get easier and even builds your confidence as sewer! It also helps you take your time, enjoy the process, and create really beautiful pieces.

I’m including a note of encouragement with each garment and why I chose what I made for them. I’ll even include why sewing them a garment was such a sign of love. I want 2019 to be the year of selflessness, encouragement, and kindness. Let’s spread our love through sewing and sharing it with others to create really special moments in our lives. If you want to share your plans for #SewSpecial on IG, don’t forget to use the hashtag and even tag me because I would love to see it! Let’s get to making!



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