#SewSomethingSpecial – January

#SewSomethingSpecial – January

I completed my very first month of #SewSomethingSpecial! I made a YOKO sweater and Morning Glory top for my dear friend Kaitland. I also wanted to let everyone know that I updated the hashtag, because the new one is not in use already. So, if you would like to participate in this challenge and make something for someone this year or follow along with my makes, the new hashtag is #SewSomethingSpecial.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with all of you, this first round was really hard for me. I make things for myself all the time, and everyone loves the things I make, but for some reason I notice all the imperfections more when I’m giving it to someone else. Even if the imperfections are minor. I think I actually made 2 YOKO sweaters and about 3 Morning Glory tops before I decided they were decent enough to be given away.

All of the insecurities about the quality of a garment come out whenever it’s going to a different home that is not my own. I notice where the tension is a little wonky, where the seams are a little bulky, how the hem looks a little bubbly; I would probably make a dozen things before I settled on its worth!  The feelings of embarrassment were encroaching upon my creative adventures. But I sucked it up, closed my eyes, and loaded the final two items into a gift bag.

Kaitland is such an incredible friend. I’ve never met anyone who is as strong, hardworking, and still incredibly kind like she is. I know that her love language is gifts and that she might be an easy first when it comes to making for someone else. (LOL, sorry) The crazy thing, is that she thought they were absolutely perfect. She even wore the YOKO sweater the next very day and it surprised ME at how nice it looked.  

It’s crazy how hard we can be on ourselves – that we are not as gracious as other people. People who genuinely care for you and about your creativity will love whatever you make. It took a lot of time, care, thought, intentionally, and love to make something special just for them. You literally made something with your own two hands that they can put on their body. I knew this challenge would push me to really pay attention to detail and work on my skills that I might cut corners with for my own pieces. I already made my current favorite two patterns for the first month, but I can’t wait to keep going and see how this journey grows.

If you want a link to the free patterns that I used, go check out my last blog “15 Free Patterns”. And if you decide to challenge yourself to make something for someone this year, use the hashtag #SewSomethingSpecial and check out this blog post for details. 🙂




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